Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The FM

Yesterday morning, in the midst of my rush to get “something done”, I happened to notice that Ricki’s FM transmitter for her hearing aid was NOT in her school bag. I turned the bag inside out, searching for it, while trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I didn’t want my husband to realize that the transmitter was possibly lost. Why worry him about it if not necessary? I called Ricki’s learning assistant at her home, hoping that she would locate it at the school. A half hour later she called back, as she suddenly remembered that it was in her purse.( Ricki had run out to her ride at the day’s end so quickly that the transmitter had been left behind.) I am glad that she called back right away, and didn’t just write in her daily end-of-the-day report that it had been located. As much as I would like not to be a “worrier”, the news made my morning a lot calmer.
This dependence on others to watch over our expensive possessions is part and parcel of having a special needs child. Unfortunately over the years, I have seen those staff members who were really not that concerned. Most do try, but surely not as much as the parent would. For literally, in this case “The buck stops here”.


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