Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking beyond stereotypes- two vignettes

Today, on my way home after taking Ricki to school, I saw a small boy who wanted to cross the street. He had long curly peyot (ear locks), and the rather distinctive dress of the chassidic ultra-orthodox. Anyone seeing this child from afar would assume that his parents have no connection with the “outside” or modern world. But I can assure you that they do. No, I do not know the family. But I recognized his cochlear implant, a “brand” from the modern world. I was glad as I saw him take off in a run after crossing the street, probably quite unaware of how lucky he is to have been born in this generation.
Tonight, I was at a meeting, and I returned home accompanied most of the way by an acquaintance from Jerusalem. To the casual observer, she looked your typical orthodox lady: wig, long sleeves, long skirt. During our conversation she mentioned that she works as an advocate in the courts. I hadn’t known, and certainly would never have guessed it!

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