Thursday, January 17, 2008

Positive Words work

Well, today was the first day of my “be more positive “campaign. And it was no surprise to me that the day definitely went better. I felt much more proactive, more positive, and less frustrated. Ricki basked in the positive comments, and even listened here and there to non-positive facts. She still procrastinated, but I don’t expect MIRACLES!
Now the challenge is: 1 Can I keep it up and 2) can I do this with the other family members?
What is truly astounding is that I have never viewed myself as having a negative personality. However, as the day passed, and I realized how different I was behaving today, the conclusion was startling: I am a hard person to win a compliment from (at least, if I have expectations of the person I am with).
And of course while I’m at it I can compliment myself as well:
“You got a lot done today, Rickismom, and you inched a bit closer to being a better person.”

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