Friday, January 4, 2008

Enjoying What You Do

Early Thursday morning (4AM), our electricity went. No fridge, no washing machine, no computer. So instead of doing something really profitable with my time, I read. It was a nice morning. The electrician, who came at about 11:00, was a very nice fellow. He apparently has a lot of experience, and he mentioned that he really loves his job. Being an electrician is not only handyman type work. It also involves “sleuthing” : finding where exactly the problem lies, and it involves working with people, including, he said, a bit of psychology.
Later in the morning I was pleased to hear that my good friend’s son has had a baby. What was special is that this baby had taken a few good years to arrive. At first, my reaction was: “Well, FINALLY they have a child!” And my attitude was one of pitying them for those childless years.
However, on second thought, I am sure that they don’t and didn’t want any pity. Prayers yes, but pity? NO. I am sure that the years they have had until now were good years, just in a different way than the years ahead.
Every person in life has challenges. Agreed some seem to get more, but that is not the point. The point is that whatever you find yourself doing, work at enjoying it. Just like my electrician.
And Mazel Tov to the new parents!

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