Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Vegetable Buy

The other day I had gone to buy produce, and had it delivered to my house. Once it arrived, it was laying in the salon in a cardboard box, waiting to be unpacked, sorted, and put away. Somehow I was too busy to do so (I often am; this job is frequently a one o’clock at night job). After several hours I suddenly noticed that the box was almost empty.
Opening the refrigerator door, I discovered “half havoc”. The fruit bin was full of vegetables, and the vegetable bin had apples and tomatoes, topped with (YIKES!) heavy potatoes. And even though the rearranging took more time than the job initially would have, and even though some tomatoes complained to me about the inquisition they had suffered from the potatoes, all in all I was pleased. Ricki had taken the initiative to do a big job. She simply lacked training, and that was my fault.

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