Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the eyeglasses

Today Ricki went to piano lessons with her glasses, and came back without them. She is usually very good about safeguarding her glasses (she needs them), but if they get dirty, she will remove them, and put them aside. When out of the house she would put them in her bag or my purse.
On her return I noticed immediately, and asked about them. The high school student who I pay to take her back and forth to these lessons said: “Oh, I guess in her purse.”
Well they were not in her purse. They ONLY cost about $170. (They are cut from thin glass to decrease the “owl” effect that farsighted glasses make, and are bifocals as well.)
I suspect that she removed them while playing the piano (which would explain why they were not in her bag), and forgot them there. I hope that the piano teacher has them. Luckily she has a second, slightly bent pair that she can use meantime.
And a further good note- even if they did get lost, we are overdue for a check-up by the optician. We would probably have needed to buy a new pair soon in any case. In fact, on could say that I was almost waiting to be forced to go to the optician, biding my time, and getting the most out of the current pair. So I guess “being forced” has arrived.

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