Monday, April 26, 2021

“I SHOULD….” OR “How do we get OUT of here?”

    (Photo is mine, all rights reserved)

Do you feel a bit like these figurines? A bit trapped by bad habits, and wondering how in the world you are going to get out?


   Well, if you read magazines, talk to your doctor, or talk with friends, you will probably get a lot of suggestions. Or may you are even telling yourself: “I SHOULD do this and that, I SHOULD do such and such….”


  Frankly, the lists of things I SHOULD be doing hounds me.


And the reality that in NO way can I fit into the day all the things I SHOULD do – at least not without giving up a lot of other stuff. (And then some of THAT stuff will comprise my NEW “I should do” list LOL.)


   So let go of the long “should list”.  Instead make an “I can” list. A list of POSITIVE actions.  And tailor that list  to the goals you want to achieve, and the time and resources at your disposal. What CAN you reasonably do?   


Make a “I can” list, and THEN you will transform it into a “I WILL” list. Because “can” is not enough.