Saturday, January 5, 2008

Seeing is Believing

On Friday, I had the interesting experience of seeing my son who is in America. I’ve known for a long time about the possibility of putting a camera on ones computer, but I am definitely not going to put one on mine. Why in the world should I subject myself to “looking presentable” when on the computer!? But one of my sons has a computer with a camera, and so does my son in the US, so I got to see him. (An interesting aside: he seemed to have no need to look “presentable”- he was in casual stuff, and hair not combed out well. I guess that is a woman’s thing….)
In addition, on Saturday Ricki managed to break her “reserve” glasses, and the main pair is still lost. Without her glasses, she struggled a bit with some reading that she needed to do. (At first she pretended that the reading was impossible, but soon after she saw that it was more than possible. I am not sure if that was a “get out of work” ploy, or a natural reaction to not having her normal range of vision.) But having limited vision is definitely limiting.
This gift of sight is so amazing. The ability to see the mountains this last year affected my inner being, and was not just “a sight”. The glimpse of a child’s smile is a pleasure. Seeing my son was definitely different than just talking on the phone. We take in so many nuances with our sight, so much information. So I’m a bit more grateful for that gift tonight.

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