Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brent Martin

This is a post that you are not going to like. It is about a tragedy that went largely unreported. I don’t like writing about it, either. But I feel that people really do need to know about the so-called people that exist sometimes on this earth.
Brent Martin was a 23 year old man in Britain. He was murdered 3 months ago simply because he had an intellectual disability. He was callously beaten to death by three youths. For sport. And as this was going on, he tried to make friends with his attackers.
We have to teach our special needs population to take care, and not to trust everyone.
We have to teach our teenage girls names of body parts, so that they can effectively report abuse and be believed.
And we parents have to protest that in general, these types of crimes go unpunished, or nearly so. Please pass this message on.

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