Sunday, January 13, 2008

An “up” day

Today was a pretty good day. It could have been terrible. Ricki, being scared of the dark managed to not fall asleep last night until 1:30 am. (She likes to fall asleep when I am on the computer in her room, but last night I was doing other things. She can usually fall asleep even if I am not in the room, but it didn’t work out that way last night.) Anyway, I decided that all things considered, she would get “punished” by staying home from school. So she did home schooling “homework” this morning, and some drawing.
This afternoon/evening, we went to visit a married brother of hers who has just opened a store. As we boarded the bus, my checkbook fell—and Ricki was the one who noticed, and stopped me. In general she acted very well this evening. Considering her lack of sleep last night, I think that this was pretty good.

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