Monday, January 7, 2008

Prayer of an Overworked Lady (who is involved in community affairs, too)

First thing G-d, if you could please give me 2 or 3 hours more than everybody else, I would really appreciate that. But since I doubt that my merits stretch that far, at least please do the rest.
First, please reduce the number of calls I get from people who ALWAYS, every time they call, give me a two hour talk about all sorts of things that went wrong…5 years ago. And give me patience for those who do call. And help me be assertive if I really have to go and do something else.
Please help me keep cool when dealing with officials who know next to nothing about Down syndrome, but who tell me how much they love “these kids” before refusing my request.
Please help me not notice interesting non-relevant things on the net when I am searching for information, and help me keep in mind how valuable my time is.
Please help me not feel guilty for not doing more, both at home, and in the community. Help me know how much time to give to each. Help me not explode when people who never help with anything criticize that I don’t get more done (both at home and in the community).
Please help me forgive the person who spread the rumor that I waste my time in chat rooms. I have never been in a chat room in my life.
And above all, please help me really love and care for others, and do that little extra bit that is sometimes so hard to do.

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