Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin, Trig, and the Press

Lets face it. Our press is anything besides impartial. And they are again on a Sarah Palin frenzy.

I personally doubt that Palin has what is needed to be president, and to get my vote she would need to get more experience... which means NOT resigning middle-of-term. Also, a president has to be able to handle stress, including the press. In addition, I doubt she will ever get renominated. Political parties generally don't like losers.

Now with all that said and done, I think that the press is being horrid. Obama's children are off-limits (as they SHOULD be). Why are Sarah's not? And what is this drivel about Palin (who went out on a limb and actually said the people with retardation are valuable citizens)promoting lead in kindergarden lunches? Take a sentence that almost any mother of a special needs kid will make, and twist it, make fun of it. Try your best to bring up Trig's Down syndrome.

In my eyes, having a child with Down syndrome will not get you my vote, unearned. But it is enough to get her mocked at time and time again.There may be other reasons.. in fact, I am sure of it. But make no mistake, a lot of the hatred she is treated with is because she was willing to have, and be proud of, Trigg.


Beth said...

Agreed. I'm not a Palin fan at all. She has been put through quite a bit that is completely inexcusable.

In some roundabout way I think she's trying to re-align her life with a new focus. She's starting to listen to Trigg's needs, and the needs of all her family.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(I deleted my comment since I realized I didn't read the post fully)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could remember the exact details, but just before Trig was born, Palin cut special education funding to Alaskan public schools by 35%!!! So I am not certain I would sing her praises!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I have not been a Palin fan simply because like you I do not think she had enough experience for where she was potentially headed. I am afraid that she does have a national microphone and therefore can speak about Down syndrome without thinking through what she is saying and without having a whole lot of experience considering Trig is still so young. I am more concerned about that than anything.

rickismom said...

Joyce, I think she has been getting a lot of information, so I hope we will be OK on that one!

Annon.: I wasn't singing her praises. Knowing her record was one reason. HOWEVER, she (and CERTAINLY her children) still does (do)not deserve being Tarred and feathered by the press at every turn.