Sunday, July 12, 2009

Being an Example vs. Lip-service

Over the last several days I have seen a definite change in Ricki, and other family members have also noticed it. Previously, Ricki has been able to proclaim “politically correct” statements about food serving sizes, eating healthy, etc., but only VERY rarely has she acted on them. Lately that has been changing. It is not 100% (as if any of us practice what we preach 100% of the time.....), but she has made significant changes over the last few days. While she did over –eat bread at one meal on Shabbas (sabath), she had normal servings for the remainder of the meals. And she made herself a very healthy supper the other evening.
And the reason is not hard to figure out. It all relates to what I wrote Friday morning about the shoe saleswoman. I have been exercising and eating healthily, consistently for a while now. I often mention that I WANT to eat something, but am forgoing it because it is not healthy. In other words, I am SHOWING THROUGH MY ACTIONS that I really believe all that talk about eating healthy, and choosing to be pro-active in this.
I think it is sinking in. GOOD!


mother in israel said...

Good for you! May you both continue to reinforce healthy eating habits.
P.S. Please share the name of the shoe store.

rickismom said...

Actually not a shoe store per se. An orthopedics supply store (arches inserts, support hose, etc. The store is "Katz" orthopedic supplies, Bnai Brak