Sunday, July 19, 2009

“Baal Tashchit” – Wasting (and the “Waster”)

We have a lovely commandment in the Bible : “Baal Tashchit” (don’t waste, don’t ruin things). To put it mildly, this mitzvah (commandment) is not Ricki’s forte. Whenever Ricki realizes that someone is going to catch her doing something forbidden (like drinking soft drinks during the week, eating 2 soya patties instead of one), her present way of coping is to toss the incriminating evidence down the drain or out of the window. Never mind that someone else could use it, or even she, at an appropriate time....
But Friday she really outdid herself. I was out of the house doing some walking, and my husband was resting. As I came home I found the sidewalk littered with about 10 pieces of soya (10 non-meat cutlets), eat with a bite in it.
After climbing the stairs (and roaring at Ricki), the truth emerged.
(all of whom are “imaginary friends” of Ricki) were wholly responsible, it had nothing to do with HER. Not only did I not “buy” that line, but when I said that they were all getting kicked out by me, Ricki laughed, knowing that they are not for real.....
Believe me, the punishment she received was real, and not imaginary......

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Galiah said...

She's one smart cookie!!!