Tuesday, July 28, 2009

“I Did it Already”

There are advantages to having a child who is “intellectually impaired”. For example, they have a MUCH harder time “pulling the wool over your eyes” then your “normal” child does.
Yesterday I had several errands to run, and wanted to get an early start. Ricki was still sleeping (“Oh, its summer and the living’s easy.....”), so I left her a note of things to do when she woke up. [She was not alone, but I didn’t want to burden the others with seeing to it that Ricki made her bed, etc.] I attached that note to her daily schedule, so that she could see that after helping around the house a bit, she would be able to watch computer.
On my return, I was greeted by an enthusiastic Ricki, waiting for me to type in the code on the computer, so that she could watch some discs.
-Uh, Ricki, you first have to clean your drawers out and sweep the floors!
- I did that already!

I looked at the dust balls under the table, and the talc dust on the bathroom floor, and realized that I had a definite advantage here. [And eventually she did the work, and got to see the computer.]