Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brothers at War

I have always stressed to my children the importance of peace within the family... not to get into minor feuds that can develop into the years-long-cold-war that I have witnessed in many families. To that end I have encouraged them to overlook each other’s differences in religious observance, personality quirks, etc. “Your siblings are your greatest asset!” I would intone, “When you REALLY need help, it is usually siblings who will help, not friends.”
And I have been pretty successful in this endeavor. ( for an example, see HERE.) Until now.
“I am going to get you! I will crush you!” Yit. said to N. over the phone.

But that didn’t disturb me.
It was only a game.

Just as my older sons enjoyed competitive “monopoly” games years ago, Yit. And N. were playing a game. But they were busy “killing” each other. With the amazing technology available today, you can not only play “war games” on computer, you can play against other, real people the same war games on-line. [I am NOT recommending this, and it is NOT normal(Chareidi) Orthodox Jewish behavior.] And they had purposely pitted them selves against each other. [And no, they didn’t want outside help. When Yit. Complained to N. that his “friend” (cyber teammate) was “killing” Yit. Too often, N. went and eliminated his teammate.] And N. was really ahead, much to Yit.’s frustration. What made the whole situation interesting was that concurrently with the computer screen, they were talking on the phone. Which made it really like a game of monopoly--- there was the verbal interactions between them.
[So if you try to get me early Monday mourning on the phone, and can’t get through, that’s why. Not only teenage daughters can tie up the phone....]

So the technology is mind-boggling.
And the fights between brothers? As old as man.

(But I still don’t like these computer games. Not a Jewish outlook to have fun “killing”.)

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