Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Son the Soldier and the UN bluff

My basically non-combatant son drove a woman soldier and her dog to work at a check point near Shechem. Exactly when they arrived, a truck was marked as possibly being explosive by the dogs, and the soldiers on duty asked my son to help distance bystanders. The Arab bystanders wanted to pass through the checkpoint, but since there was a possible danger to their lives, my son didn't let. The people waiting in the heat (it was VERY hot yesterday)where non too happy, but a rule is a rule.
In the middle of all this three UN trucks pull up, and demand to be allowed through.
"Sorry. Its dangerous. No one goes through."
(UN soldier) "I am going to aqrrest and incarerate you!"
"Fat chance."

The UN soldiers pulled back a bit, the commander spoke on his cell phone to someone... and abruptly turnedaround and left.

The only sore point in this story is that the combatant soldiers asked my son to help them, which he obviously did readily. However he was without a weapon, and was dealing with angry Arab drivers with basically no other backup. That makes me a BIT nervous.( Nervous should be read with a yiddish accent: Noi-voss )I still question why when he goes into Arab areas he is not issued a gun. A combatant soldier will accompany him, but it does mean that his safety is really dependent on someone else. (Although that is probably often true in the army, even when you do have a weapon.

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Esser Agaroth said...


Yeah, they should give him a gun, or at least assign him one each time he goes out like that.

The UN is a nasty piece of work.