Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seven Things That I Love.

MUSE over at Meander has tagged me to write about "seven things I love".

1. I love to see my children with their children, and their nephews and nieces. I see the love and concern, the gentleness, the strength of good education... and I know that I have done my job well.
2. I love pea soup after a fast. Lots of liquid, protein, and easy on the tummy.
3. I love Jerusalem. I love driving up the long corridor from the Tel Aviv area, and seeing the golden-tinged buildings of stone on the horizon. (Besides, it is less humid than where I live....)
4. I love comments on my blog. Makes me feel like someone is reading.....
5. I like the Rocky mountains. And hiking in them. The effort is well worth the reward. My awe over the vistas of the Rockies is what led me to believe that there MUST be a G-d. And since all this comes with my Mother’s smile, it can’t be beat!
6. When coming in from the heat (the day before yesterday my DD told me that the humidity was 90%!!), a big glass of diet coke with lemon, and a fan. (Who has an air conditioner? I think I am the last soul in this town without one....)
7. A good book with a cup of Aroma (mild) coffee .......

Three of the seven list drinks. Guess it’s the fast! Hope all of you who are fasting, have an easy and meaningful one!
I am tagging also:(forgive me! Only if you want!)
the Jewish side (babysitter)


ds.mama said...

Thanks, and I forgive you ;-)

I know you do not have time for this but you are the star of pray4trigs latest post...

Thought you should know just in case you do get a minute to wander over and see what she's spouting today.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

The first one sounds great.

Pea soup sounds good now! I imagine your fast is over soon, so enjoy your pea soup.

I remember learning about the Rockie Mountains in History.

Thanks for the tag, I've written mine out and will publish it tomorrow.

Batya said...

I love your seven. Afterwards I realized how many other things I love. And the picture is perfect!


ps No airconditioner here, too.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Pea soup after a fast? Really? I never thought of that one.

How do you make it (we usually add finely chopped onions, carrots, and sometimes sweet potatoes)

With what do you serve it?

rickismom said...

Fry onions, red pepper, and celery. Add checked green peas (I also use a few red lentils, beans, chick pes....) and plenty of water. Then I also add some potatos and carrots. Cook (simmer) 2 hours. Serve with bread, cheese. To get kids to LOVE it, add slices of pareve-vegetarian- hot dogs).

RivkA with a capital A said...

So, what you are really making is a vegetable soup with a pea soup base....

If my kids found beans and chick peas in their pea soup, they might rebel....

Btw, sliced up parve hot dogs can be used to make kids love just about anything! When we have too much extra rice, I mix it with eggs and sliced hotdogs to make an "omlette" -- everybody loves them (except my husband....)