Monday, July 13, 2009

The Libstick-Blush

A few weeks ago I was busy working on something. I was definitely involved, and wasn’t paying attention to Ricki. At one point I remember thinking “She looks a wreck", but plugging on with whatever I was doing.
Suddenly I took a GOOD look at her, and realized that she had lipstick on, and some type of blush all over her face. A lot. I immediately thought she had shot my whole supply of makeup (I use rarely), but a quick check showed that this was not the case. I quickly located the tubes of gloss in her drawers, and set them aside. And of course I told Miss “Prom Queen” to wash the mess off.
“Where did you get this from?!?”
A quick invertory of the neighbors got me no closer to revealing the origins of the two tubes, which are still languishing by my telephone. This incident was near the end of her stealing spree, so I am assuming that she swiped it off a shelf when I wasn’t looking. And now I don’t know to whom to make restitutions. GRUMBLE. I don’t like owing someone money. I don’t like this at all.....

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