Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Taste of Real Life

Monday afternoon I gave Ricki a taste of what real life is like. As we were the week before last (see HERE), we were running late in arriving at her drama class, and again we were in a taxi. And, exactly as two weeks ago, Ricki was pushing and shoving. On the way she was pretty good, but as we reached our destination she insisted that I get out and let her go ahead, and only afterwards pay the driver. I refused, as wasting the driver’s time is not ethical, and Ricki fumed and pushed and shoved as I paid him.
After dispensing with the payment, I exited the cab, and Ricki shot across the street, not in a safe manner. And I decided that enough was enough. I quickly caught up with Ricki, joining her in the elevator. (This alone caused protests, as she wants to feel “independent”, and go in the elevator on her own.) As we entered the club area, I strode boldly to the costume area, grabbed the wedding dress, and gave it to the director. “Hide it QUICK!” I hissed. And she did. There was no dress for Ricki this week.
If she is going to be downright obnoxious, she will learn that in real life it just isn’t tolerated.


Batya said...

Not easy. Did Ricki connect her behavior with not getting the dress?

rickismom said...

Definately. She didn't even complain one word. When she doesn't complain about a punishment, it means that she understands that she really had it coming to her....