Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Barbie Brides

Ricki, like most young girls (and I guess a lot of older ones as well!) has a definite fixation on being a bride. The wish to dress up as a bride on Purim, or at drama class, are only two examples. Another is her dolls.
Ricki used to line her dolls up to teach them (playing teacher being one of Ricki’s favorite games....). But no more. (Nowadays she instructs her imaginary friends in science and Bible.) Ricki has discovered “Barbie” (or her look-alike at least).
I recently bought Ricki a barbie-style doll, complete with pink gown. And barely a week after that, a friend of mine gave her another one, complete with a luscious blue evening dress, and 4 other outfits. For the first several hours, Ricki kept switching their outfits. But now she has settled on the two evening gowns, with an addition of a white Kleenex on their heads as veils. Ricki arranges the dolls on our sofa, announces that the groom is coming to veil them (Jewish custom), and then covers their faces demurely with the Kleenex.
She has the whole procedure down pat. She DEFINITELY wants to be a bride.

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