Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holistic Approach

As my eye started swelling on Friday, it soon became apparent that the turbulence in my ocular function was quickly affecting much of the rest of me. If I left my eye open, it teared, and the tearing quickly caused skin irritation. Closing the affected eye meant loss of depth perception, and a definitely compromised visual range. This meant that I had to be extremely careful to avoid knocking my head on the consistently-open-won’t-stay –shut kitchen cabnit door, and other various sundried dangers. My general stamina was lower, and as the swelling reached its peak, my ear lobe itched from the skin stretching.
Now I am no big proponent of “natural” medicines. I believe in treatments that have proved their ilk in double-blind studies. But the holistic approach, the knowledge that all the functions of the body are inter-related is valid.
And I am sure that this is true in the non-physical world as well. The way we treat others, smile, listen, react, will affect them, and their reaction in return affect our own psyche. Minute changes in another’s body language, not consciously noticed by us, but perceived on some level, can affect our mood.
So now as I go to wake Ricki up for her morning rush for school, I think I will try and add in an extra smile, and lower and change any negative reactions to more positive actions. Maybe it will help her school day.....


Batya said...

refuah shleimah
Don't push yourself too hard please.

Terri said...

Sorry you're struggling!