Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ricki Doesn’t Have Down syndrome?

Well, it seems that I will have to give up Ricki’s “disability” payments. I mean we ALL “know” that kids with Down syndrome are loving, angelic , laid back... right? Well, if that is so, than my Ricki must not have Down syndrome. She proved it today.
My supposedly “angelic” girl cheated today at cards. Twice. Her older brother and I were playing, and I caught her cheating. I warned her that if she was caught cheating again, we would stop the game immediately. However, even though she was winning, a few minutes later, my son caught her claiming to not had a card he had given her just 2 hands before. We folded the game up, and she learned hopefully, that I mean what I say, and that cheating doesn’t pay.

But she couldn’t have Down syndrome (LOL), could she....????


Anonymous said...

Oh so funny! Lily must not have Ds either!!!

Terri said...

Jenn is generally pleasant, but when she isn't--She. Is. Not!!!!!!

I have had people say, "But she will always be happy..." when she emphatically wasn't. I leave those encounters wanting to tell my daughter she is being awful--and not only that--she is doing Down syndrome wrong!! (tee hee!)

Ria said...

That is too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Molly said...

lol. ohhhh the misconceptions.