Friday, December 5, 2008

Good News!

We finally received the cost-of-repair- estimate from the hearing aid company. It is a whooping $250, but considering that a new one costs $2500, we are quite satisfied. Now, once it returns (which may still take a while), we have to get Ricki habituated to it again!


RivkA with a capital A said...

Tag, You're It!!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at part II of this post (sorry to give you more reading; don't worry if you don't have time):

rickismom said...

Rivka, someone tagged me, but I didn't play. I'll think about it....
Tessyaa-Thanks for the link. (For other readers, is is a post about a Denver newspaper that basically blamed a victum- a boy with Asberger's symptoms- for his own murder.) Here is what I wrote there:

Codeman 38(someone who commented on the post) wrote:
"And I just noticed something else: Somehow, the comments to the Denver Post article ended up becoming a debate over taxpayer funding for services for the disabled.

Talk about Completely Missing The Point."
My comment:
No, Mr. Codeman, unfortunately THAT is the point. I am not- ever- for nmurder of people with disabilities (or without...). If someone can not manage, they should give the child up for adoption/foster care. BUT PARENTS DO DO DO DO NEED SUPPORT. Therapies need to be provided. And oh, isn't it so much easier (and cheaper) to say that the victum is at fault, rather than paying for the support needed?