Monday, December 29, 2008

Awards and Tag

"Babysitter" gave me the "I love your blog" award (which I had, but I always love complements.......). Her blog is on my list of blogs to follow, it bears checking out.
Now in addition, "G6" at "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (who wouldn't come to dinner with such lavish tables settings....??)tagged me, and for once I'll go along with it.
Now, the nearest books happen to be those in my "special needs library" shelves, and I felt free to choose from any on the far right (nearest side). I choose Babyface by Jeanne McDermott. She is a science journalist and happens to know how to write. You will gain from reading this book (published by Woodbine House), even if you do not have a special needs child. Her second son was born with Apert syndrome, which causes cranio facial differences.

The following excert (from page 56), is just after they hear from an experienced set of parents what type of things they are in for (numberous surgeries, etc.) (Jeremy is their 1st son, Ted the husband.)

"Apert kids," I fummed, "What the hell is an Apert kid?"
"Ted looked puzzled.
"He's a kid first, not a syndrome," I declared.
Ted nodded, mustering his own forces, as if saying the words out load made them true. "Jeremy is a kid first too. Nathaniel's medical problems should not take over his life."
"Or yours," Mom said. "I will come for all the operations. At least, I think I can."
"We need you," Ted said.
I yawned, exhausted. Nathaniel fussed all the time. He napped in two-hour stretches and since only nursing consoled him, my days and nights blurred into a grey continuum. I was so tired that my name and phone number disappeared from memory. One evening, after instructing Jeremy to put on his teeth and brush his pajamas, I spilled into bed fully dressed and conked out under blazing lights.

Seven things about myself:
1. I love almost any type of music except rap (which I do not consider music).
2. I have long long feet. Got long feet genes from both parents.....
3. I miss having a dog. Not acceptable in my town. Married sons would disown me.....
4. I never got a driver's license.
5. I used to shoot rifles, and scuba dive (not at the same time) with my Dad.
6. When I was a kid I took ballet lessons. I weighed a lot less then, but was still the fattest girl in the class. But I loved the music to Swan Lake anyway.
7. When I was a kid, I considered as career choices
- Accrobatic stunt pilot
and I settled for being a nurse. Shabbas made most of the other choices impractical.

The award I want to pass on to

1. Belinda at A Journal in Photos {NOTE For my Jewish readers, be forewarned that hers is a blog that has some elements you may not like. However, luckily for me, her "religious thought" blog is separate from this one.] This blog is basically a photography blog, and many of the pictures are stunning. For the last week or so, her pictures have been of people. If you scroll down further you will see some of her stunning nature studies.
2. Frum Teacher
I also tag frum teacher for the meme.


Belinda said...

Dear Ricki's Mom, I am honoured by the honour! :) Thank you so much. I think that next to seeing some unique beauty and trying to capture it, the icing on the cake has to be sharing the joy with someone else.

rickismom said...