Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dieting Disappointments

Dieting is hard. And aggravating at times. This week I was so good. I was careful all week. I had only 1 (one! uno! singular!) doughnut this channukah. Then this evening, partly due to feeling cold, I overdid the cocoa drink (and I had forgone it all week!) that I love to have in the evenings. So I probably blew 3 days worth of dieting in one half hour.
Grump. Its not fair…..
But as I have written on my sidebar:
“Tomorrow I will try again….”
Gee, we lit 7 candles tonight. Amazing how fast a week goes by.....


RivkA with a capital A said...

Me too! So far, only one sufganiyah this Chanukah (and that was in a moment of weakness). Unless I get a caramel filled one, I am trying to avoid any more....

I am also struggling with the weight thing. I hate it. If I lose weight, I might have less back pain. I will certainly be healthier all around.

I was being careful and losing weight SLOWLY. But, recently, I have put everything back on (and then some).

My first goal was to lose "just" 10kilo (22 lbs). Now it's a little more. :-}

It takes so much time to cook properly and eat properly. But I am still trying.

I, too, have noticed a link between my moods and how much I eat. (also between my proximity to the 'fridge -- when I am out and about more, I eat less. But, being tired from chemo, I am home more....)

rickismom said...

Well, the one I had WAS carmel-filled....
I should think that chemo (if not causing nausea), and the weakness, would also make dieting harder. (I always overeat when tired....)