Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Eyeglasses

Last night after Ricki had put on her pajamas for the evening, I suddenly noticed that she was lacking her eyeglasses. Now when she was younger, I had always bought two pairs, one to wear and one to “search for”. And even though she has been pretty good about not throwing her glasses any old place for several years, it was only this last year that I decided that we could really manage with only one pair. Because having a spare set meant that if they DID get misplaced, she had a second pair for school, and the search for the missing pair could be postponed, if the day was a full one, to “soon” and not “emergency-right-now-this-minute- drop-everything-and-look-for-the-glasses”.
My luck last night was that I had noticed her glasses as she put them on after her exercise club, so I knew that she had worn them home. (Barring the possibility that she had simply decided to chuck the $200 aparatus from her nose to the street, which I doubted.)
So, not having a spare pair, we started to turn the house upside down looking for the spectacles. Even warning Ricki that there would be NO computer time on the morrow sans eye gear did not jog her memory as to where she had placed them when she was changing clothes. (Usually in such cases she puts them either on her bedside drawers or on the floor near her clothing.) (Obviously we are working on the concept that leaving eyeglasses on the floor is not acceptable.) We looked behind the bed (don’t ask what we DID find there… enough books and trash to keep a dragon happy). I checked the dirty laundry baskets. Her room, the living room, the kitchen: all were searched to no avail.
So imagine my pleasure this mourning when I opened her clothing closet and found them in their “official” place next to her hairbrush. She had actually put them away, and we hadn’t checked the most obvious place in the world.


RivkA with a capital A said...

My dad always used to say "isn't it funny how we always find things in the last place we look"


I have a few stories like this one... so frustrating! but at least it has a happy ending!!

rickismom said...

Yeah, but today she again lost them! I decided not to "chew the cud" (rumiate over it), and to search tomorrow. In the meantime she can wear last year's percription.

A Living Nadneyda said...

Ahh... this is definitely not a Down's thing. This is a PERSON thing. Oh, how I can relate!

When my daughter needs a new prescription, I update the lenses in both her current and her spare frames... our optometrist gives us 50% kids' lenses so it doesn't end up costing that much more for two pairs of lenses. And it's such a relief when one pair gets sat on (or left somewhere over Shabbat, or misplaced in the next-to-last place we looked, etc etc).