Friday, December 26, 2008

Cooking with Ricky, or the Inexact Recipe

Yesterday, after three Chanukah days of being very unstructured, I started the day in an organized manner. I wrote a schedule out for myself, and a separate one for Ricki. My goal in doing so was that Ricki would get to some old homework, and the promised fun activities in the middle and at the end would be an inducement to get the homework done.
This arrangement actually worked very well. Therefore, after an hour or so of study, Ricki and I sauntered into the kitchen to make “cheese latkes”. (Latkes are fried food, usually of potatoes, eaten on Chanukah.) Now the recipes I had for cheese latkes were for sweet ones, and I wanted to make something salty, with chopped dill added in. So I made up a tentative recipe, planning to alter it if needed, as I went along, or according to the results.
Tentative Recipe
1 peeled and grated potato
1 finely chopped onion
½ cup flour (later we added more)
Bit of baking powder
2-3 eggs
½ teas. Salt, bit of black pepper
2 sprigs dill, finely chopped

Mix and fry by spoonfuls in oil in frying pan

We started off pretty good. Ricky asked me what the roots growing out of the eyes of the potatoes were, and I explained, and showed her how to remove them. She attempted one on her own. She peeled the potato quite well, and I meanwhile chopped the onion. I got out some pre-sifted flour from the freezer, and when my back was turned, Ricky dumped most of it in. Maybe it was a cupful, I don’t know. She looked at the recipe card, saw it called for salt, and took down the sugar. Before I could reach her (I’d been getting the eggs out) she had dumped 2-3 tablespoons in. I removed what I could, growling a bit (OK, a lot…)… but couldn’t get it all out. As we fried the latkes I saw we needed more flour to hold them together.
In the end they tasted pretty good! (I wish they didn’t have a sweetish tinge, but my husband liked it like that….) Ricki was of course pleased, the homework was finished.
But if you want an exact recipe, I’d be hard pressed to supply you with one.


mother in israel said...

Latkes are forgiving that way.
Shabbat shalom and chanukah sameach.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog page.I look forward to reading yours.
The latkes sound good!

I was reading in your other posts about comments and saw that you said you would change the fact that your daughter has DS.I would
change my daughters DS if I could.To me that just comes from being a mom.Wanting to make life better for your children.

rickismom said...

Dear Ruby's mom:

RivkA with a capital A said...

deep fry almost anything and it will taste good!!

Belinda said...

Ahhhh, mothers and daughters in the kitchen together! On Christmas morning in Canada we had a family breakfast that included scrambled eggs. I am a "measurer" and follow recipes--yikes, even for scrambled eggs I measure out the milk.(I confess, I even follow the Kraft dinner instructions) My daughter cracks the eggs into the pan and throws in the milk until it looks right and tosses in salt, again no measuring. I assured her I didn't want her to make them "my way," I was just glad she was making them. We kind of danced around eachother, carefully avoiding the tension of her way and my way. Isn't it funny how that is? I want to try latkes soon.

Happy Chanukah!