Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Keeping Busy

Yesterday Ricki was busy most of the day doing various arts and crafts. I had to assemble the tops in her mobile, with scotch tape (especially since she had cut off all the “glue” tabs), but she had colored them. She did the cut-out work (from a marked sheet) by herself (except for the green one), and did quite an acceptable job. In addition she did pages and pages of a chanukah booklet. I think that tomorrow we will have to study a bit (even if she protests); she has two tests after the holidays. Maybe we will do some cooking as well.
Before holidays I always have dreams of all the things we will have time to do. Somehow it seems that I can dream much faster than produce. We never get even half of my ideas done…..

And, of course, Happy Chanukkah!
and for my non-Jewish readers,


G6 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful, memory making "crafternoon".
Leave it to us Jewish mothers to "qualify" everything by making sure to mention all that we didn't accomplish, lol....
Happy Chanukah
Enjoy the lovely decorations.
Bonus tip: If you can find kosher food coloring markers I discovered that it lengthened the "play value" of the cookie baking time immensely ;)

Leora said...

I liked your link method (I saw your comment on Jewish Side).

Happy Chanukah!