Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Horse That Went to the Zoo

I used to have a nice collection of about six hand puppets. I’m down to two now. So both of them went with Ricki and I to the health fund today. Ricki was schueduled to receive blood tests and a flue vaccination.
Ricki was fairly well behaved (as she was a few months ago). While there I tried to tell her a story with the puppets. Now my remaining puppets are a horse, and the evil inclination (complete with ears to hear gossip with). So SEUSY (horsey) was telling how he once went to visit the zoo, and the zoo keepers mistakenly locked him up. I am not sure how much the story distracted Ricki, but the “vampires” were in stiches!
On the way home I caught a few glimpse of city green to share with you.
(I wanted to photograph Seusy with his sticker- received from the nurse for being brave for doing blood tests-- but it fell off……)

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