Monday, November 22, 2010

Continuation of the Clothespins Saga….(written Sunday night)

As I have often mentioned (last time being this last Thursday), Ricki has a penchant for throwing things out the window. On Saturday afternoon I was alerted to her bombarding the sidewalk with nectarine slices by the unbelieving surprised cry of a witness to the act from below. She couldn’t fathom (judging from her tone), who could do such a thing….At least I was appraised of the situation as it started, and was able to put a quick stop to the felony.
Now Ricki LOVES to hang up laundry, but when bringing it in, she is often too lazy to put the clothespins in their basket, and simply lets them drop the three floors to the sidewalk. (I hope she never hits anyone with them.) So this evening, Ricki volunteered eagerly to hang up the floor-cleaning rags, only to discover, to her horror, that she couldn’t, because she had apparently earlier today chucked most of our clothespins to the sidewalk. She sheepishly went to collect them, and happily returned, bearing an armload of clothespins.

Now it will be interesting if I leave the rags on the line until tomorrow afternoon, and let Ricki bring them in… if she will again let the clothespins fly, or if she has a new respect for the value of keeping them and storing them in their place.

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