Monday, November 29, 2010

"No, I Won't Forgive You"

Yesterday I played "Tough Mommy" (my husband calls it "Broncho-busting mode").Ricki was in a very bad mood. I later realized that once she had eaten supper, she calmed down),but this was before that. She was intent on taking eight (!) slices of bread for supper, and I was not willing for her to stuff herself in that way.I agreed to two-three slices. Nor was I willing for her to take soya (in addition to the soup). I simply stood by the stove, guarding acess to the forbidden foodstuffs, and waited for her to realize that I wasn't going to give in, even if she would call me names, threaten to hit me, etc. She finally gave up, but continued calming me names, telling me to "shut up".
I ignored her, and sat down to eat my supper with her. As she calmed down, she suddenly started apologizing.
"No, I won't forgive you..." I claimed (though in my heart I did). I felt that she needs to learn that spitting and name calling will not be overlooked.
n Yes, it was tough. But I have found that a few tough days like this does wonders in influencing subsequent behaviors. Tonight Ricki on HER OWN took only two slices of bread with her egg.


Becca said...

Thank you for these little glimpses into your and Ricki's lives. I'm learning a lot, and love these wonderful parenting tips! The inclination is to give in to our kids, to give them what they want, but standing firm is so much more important on so many levels.

Sheva said...

wow that is hard, I have a teen and I have the same type of battles. I often laugh when people complain of raising toddlers and infants I think just wait till the hormones hit then it's all over

rickismom said...

At least I have heard from mothers of young adults with DS that they went through this as well, and that they do, like regular teens,eventually grow out of it (obviously providing that you DO stand firm with parenting skills).