Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ther Workbook

Already for a week and a half, Ricki has been acting (on the whole), much better than in the preceding several months. On one day, I happened to do a lot of activities with Ricki, and I noticed an increase in good behavior. Noting this, I was cautiously hopeful, and tried my theory out on subsequent days. And I was correct: the busier I could keep Ricki, the happier and better-behaved side of her showed. Just tonight she was fighting with her father. I went in, and fished out an activity book, and minutes later she had forgotten the argument and was happily at work on the booklet.
So if you have kids who are misbehaving, ask yourself: Are they bored?

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Batya said...

This is a great bit of advice for all of us!