Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Think That I Was A Bit Too Exasperated….

I’ve had it with Ricki acting like a bomber plane. You name it… almost anything she finds inconvenient is “throw-out-the –window” material for her. When bringing in the laundry from the line, she is more likely than not to chuck the clothespins downstairs, rather than take the extra three seconds to deposit them in the clothes-pin basket. She also regularly bombards the sidewalk with soy patties, bread, and tomatoes .
Tuesday I made meatballs for lunch, but Ricki was hungry before they were ready, and tried to sneak two breaded soy patties out of the freezer. I caught her, telling her that if she wanted soy, she was limited to ONE, and she would forfeit the soon-to-be-ready meatballs. Her reaction? She went to the porch, locked the door, downed one patty, and threw the second out of the window. Thus, she thought, she would still be eligible to get meatballs, because she *doesn’t* have the patties…
I immediately informed Ricki that she had just eaten her lunch, and would not be receiving meatballs. Her reply to this was that she was STARVING. Well, I guess that I was a bit too exasperated, and I told her “Well, if you REALLY are hungry, you can go downstairs and get that soy…”
So she did.
I just hope that she at least brushed it off before consuming it…
Color me chagrined….

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