Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Pink Schoolbag

The other day I sent Ricki downstairs to meet her ride to school. I checked from the window to see that she wasn’t making a detour to the grocery store, and that she crossed the street carefully. Then I went back to the task at hand. A few minutes later, I went again to the window, to see if her ride had arrived. Then I saw IT. A pink schoolbag.
Ricki has somehow gotten hold of a schoolbag which was definitely not hers. I was surprised; people usually don’t leave bags lying around, even if they have to make a quick dash to do something. There is too much risk of someone calling the bomb squad (and the bag getting shot at). But there Ricki was, prancing happily on “her” corner, with a lovely pink schoolbag. I told Ricki to leave it alone, but she was not in the mood to listen. And I knew that if I would go downstairs, Ricki would only run away ahead of me, walking to school on her own. So I called her driver and was about to explain to him NOT to let Ricki enter the car with the bag, that it wasn’t hers. Suddenly the 9 year-old owner of the bag turned up, extracted her possessions from Ricki (who readily returned it), and walked off to school. (Bet she doesn’t leave her bag lying around in the future…..)


perlsand said...

Just read your post about your son going into Givati (I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it) and now we have something in common. My son enlisted this week to Golani. I've been reading A Soldier's Mother for a while as well and I saw your post so I know you read it as well.
May both our sons have a relatively smooth and BORING service.

Batya said...

close call!

rickismom said...

Glad you like the blog.
Originally my son was to be sent in a week and a half to non-combat "turanut" (initial training), and then to a six month course to give him high school equivelency. And THEN to combat turanut . Now he's saying that the army isn't sure, that he is going NEXT week to turanut and will later be told what he will do. It sounds like they want to make him non-combat, which he is not too happy about.
Yes, may Hashem guard all our sons....

Anonymous said...
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