Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Short and Sweet / Over 22,000 steps

Well, our trial with the buzzer alarm was short and sweet. Last night Ricki announced “I don’t want it. It wakes me up…..”
Although last night I let it go, this morning, on further reflection on the issue, I think that I am going to have to act a bit more firmly than I have until now. I think I will institute some type of prize as an incentive just for wearing the alarm. In addition, I think I need to sit down and explain the alarm's importance, and if necessary, give a punishment if she will not agree to comply and wear it.
* * * * * *
Yesterday morning I decided to walk to a park that is about a forty minute walk from our house, and there walk on their “walking path” for an hour. I particularly like this walk, as the park is downhill from us, and the walking path is level. The total of about 100 minutes walking is just right, and from the edge of the park I can take a bus which takes me to a minute’s walk from the house. So yesterday I did the sweet hike, and even walked an extra little bit. But upon reaching the bus station, I was in for a surprise. My fare had somehow been lost, and I would have to return home (tired, and going uphill) on foot. So I saved $2.5, and gained nearly 4000 extra steps. I followed this up with a shopping trip, and lots of housework….eventually totaling an exhausting 22,000 steps!

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