Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Punishment, Threatened

Sunday afternoon I had to pop over to Ricki’s pediatrician, in order to pick up the needed papers for her prescriptions for the coming month. No one else was home except for Ricki’s married sister who lives on the roof (meaning that in emergency, someone WAS home), and Ricki wanted to come with me. However, she was not dressed, and I had no intention of waiting for Ricki to get dressed, especially as her doctor’s office is literally less than half a block away. [I would be back within fifteen minutes , maximum.] Also, Ricki had (SIGH, Roll my eyes) thrown ICE CREAM out the window (and onto the formerly neighbor’s laundry), and I had decided that her staying home was a fitting punishment. Ricki was none too pleased , and decided that she would go to a neighbor. Not wanting to let her “punishment” be turned into a prize, I informed her sternly that I don’t allow, and if she will not be in the house on my return, she will be confined to her bedroom for most of the evening.
It worked. She was at home when I returned. She realized that I meant what I said.
Progress is being made!

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