Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Important Message To Parents of Future Israeli Army Inductees/ PS to Yesterday's Post

[imgage: a poor picture of "Y" in uniform]

[image: A better picture, which Ricki's older sister took.]

My son “Y” is back already from the army for a one-day leave. They apparently want to send him to a course, and will be “really” starting with him in a few days. After two VERY BORING days, he was relieved to be sent home. [He will be treated in the meantime like a “jobnik” (desk-worker) inductee, and will only start his combat tour of duty in about half a year.]
When I asked him if he felt like a “pin cushion” (after receiving MANY vaccinations), he laughed and said “Yes!”. Then he added that they had also taken a blood sample for bone-marrow matching.Then he added:
- “But it’s voluntary; not all of the soldiers opted for it.”
- “Why in the world would they refuse?!?”
- “If they are afraid of needles…or, they want one needle stick less….”
- “But we’re talking about the chance to save a LIFE!”
- “Nu, some of them are spoiled little children…..”

So parents, please be sure to inform your soon-to-be-inducted soldiers to be sure to not opt out of this important mitzvah (good deed).

PS to Yesterday's Post:
Yesterday she did NOT throw clothespins when bringing the laundry in. But I suspect that she realized that we were watching.


SunnySacramento said...

Great picture! Your son and grandson are soo handsome, You should have much nachas from them and all your family.

rickismom said...

Thank-you. Yes, I forgot to mention (but Sunny Sacramento fiqured it out), that the child with my son in the picture is my grandson.