Sunday, November 21, 2010


My two strapping teenage sons just walked out the door five minutes ago. One (D) is returning to his (relatively safe) service as a driver in the army. The other (Y), brimming with the excitement and hope of a youth headed for a “man’s job”, is entering the army today as a soldier in “Givati”. This means that for the next three years he will be a member of Israel’s front-line troupes, as well as a lifetime of reserve duty. The next few weeks will be extra-intensive as he competes for the privilege of entering an elite unit. As a mother, I try and ignore the worries and fears that pop up in my head*, and center my thoughts on just loving the two of them.
I remember how the first few weeks in the army radically changed my first soldier-son (D). And I wonder how well Y will take the initial training period, and how he might change in the upcoming weeks.

*(Don’t ask me how I will deal with my fears if a war breaks out.)

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A Soldier's Mother said...

Hey Ricki's Mom,

Stay in touch - we'll get through this together. How do you do it? As you do so many things in your life - one day at a time.

How do you cope with a war? You don't cope. You get through it. It comes, you is's's far away for now. What you've done is get on the roller coaster with so many other Israeli parents. Now you sit down for the ride...and learn to be grateful for the flat times...and hang on for the tough ones. Stay in touch - we all need each other.