Thursday, May 13, 2010

School Bag Muddle

Ricki’s school bags are generally in a state of disarray, and by Ricki, “the more the merrier”.
However, yesterday she went with only one bag, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this was the result of a protest from her teacher. [I suspect this because the day before yesterday she went with a record score of 2 school bags AND 5 big nylon bags. (Isn’t she lucky that she goes to school by car, and doesn’t have to schlep them by hand…?) On the few occasions that she misses the car and I walk with her to school, I refuse to help her carry her stuff, on principle.]
An additional facet of this muddle, is the items that she tries to take to school. [See HERE and HERE.]
Recently I framed a picture of Ricki’s older sister and her husband, to add to my existent collection of wedding photos in our front hallway. Ricki kept stowing this picture into her school bag, despite my protests and removal thereof. (As soon as I wasn’t paying attention, back into the bag it went....) So I decided that I better act fast and hang the picture up on the wall, before Ricki would manage to haul it to school. And I did so.
That evening, as I passed through the front hall, I suddenly noticed that one of the pictures was missing.
Yep, it was back in her school bag. Along with a half-melted popsicle…..

(To Be continued tomorrow….)

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