Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Jewelry Heist

As I have mentioned earlier, Ricki has a tendency to haul TONS of stuff around with her. Her school made a campaign , originally to bring all that she needed in ONE bag, but very quickly that became, somehow, only a campaign to bring what WAS needed at school.
So at periodic intervals I go through her bags, separating the “grain from the chaff” , insisting on the amount taken being limited to two bags.
What is AMAZING are the things she deems necessary to take. First, any newly made craft, or new disc, or new photo or possession needs to be taken to school to “share” (ie, show off) to her classmates. But not just one day: she will take on a continuing basis until I put a stop to it.
But what was MOST surprising was the day I inspected her bags and found some of my (good) jewelry within…..

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Batya said...

Oops! I guess you ought to check more often.