Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Awards!

Thanks to Batya, of Meander for giving me the "Versatile Blogger Award". I really liked her description of my blog. A real complement. Thank YOU!
It just so happens that I, like the nice lady who sent the award to Batya, am a bit of a cynic when it comes to blog awards. If readers were giving them, that's one thing, but as it stands now, usually blog awards are simply fellow-bloggers patting each other on the back......
But then my self-fawning would-like-to-believe-I-am-good side counters with the undisputable fact that many of my readers ARE fellow bloggers (which sometimes I think is also prompted by trying to drum up readers....). But since I DON'T often reciprocate (I don't have TIME to read blogs very much, thank -you) they may actually be interested in what I write. And , as much as I am mostly a two-subject blogger (Ricki/diet and self improvement), I'd like to think that the fact it is NOT all about Ricki (as it was originally)makes me versatile.....
And if not versatile, at least I try to be honest.
The rules of the award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award. Definitely!
2. Share one thing about yourself readers might not know otherwise.
3. List (with links) SIX bloggers you think are fantastic, and why.
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award
So here goes:
Something you might not know about me:
As a child I loved ballet, took ballet classes (something like an elephant in a china shop) (told you I am honest!), and still have a very soft spot in my heart for Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

VERSATILE Blogs I love (which I have probably nominated before, but good is good, and as I said, I don’t have that much time to read blogs….):
1. Belinda’s Picture Blog , A Journal In Photos
A feast for the eyes…..

2. Melody’s Slurping Life
Words and Pictures, honestly, with soul

3. Treppenwitz
Often political, but much more. Definitely versatile…..

And I am leaving this list at three.(Because if it is more than three, it is not such a recomendation.....)


Belinda said...

Dear Rickismom,
I am deeply honoured. Thank you. It might take me a few days to figure out all the details of passing on the award etc. but I will. I am always so encouraged when you comment on A Journal in Photos. I feel as though a friend is standing beside me admiring the beauty with me and saying, "Yes, I see it too!" :)

Batya said...

You awarded three very special blogs, certainly worth double each.

treppenwitz said...

Thanks so much!

Of all the complioments I've received in my almost 7 years of blogging, I think I like 'versatile' the best.

treppenwitz said...

Oops. Obviously I'm not getting any awards for spell-checking. :-)

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

It was very neat to learn that you took ballet as a child. When I was a child I wanted to take ballet classes and be in band as well but my dad and his wife would not allow it at all simply because they thought that since I am deaf I could not learn ballet (due to music) and I could not join band at my middle school (again, music). Before my mother died, I was very involved in the music program at my elementary school (as my mother had the upper hand and say in everything I did before she died) and I enjoyed it so much that I still have good memories of it, and was so disappointed when I got to middle school (after my mother died and my dad had remarried to his new wife)that I would not be permitted to be part of the school band or join ballet at all. My dad and his wife said: "You're deaf, you can't hear, so we can't allow you to participate in ballet and in band". I was NOT happy. It was nice to read that you participated in ballet regardless of your size (from what I understood). It made me smile. I hope I haven't been offensive. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Ilana said...

I like your blog a lot! Very positive, very real.