Friday, May 28, 2010

Walking Notes…..

Wednesday night I succumbed to eating a VERY fattening piece of cake, so I decided that I would “walk it off” today. And I did, walking over 18,000 steps (11,000 of them aerobic). In addition, on walker tracker I had joined a “competition” where I was challenged to walk 60,000 steps in 5 days. Knowing that I would not walk that amount on Saturday, I decided to “pre-empt”, so I had a second reason to “hit the pavement”. (Though now my veins hurt and I don’t think I will manage the 60,000…..)
But walking back from the park I had gone to walk in, I suddenly thought: “60,000 steps in 5 days is a lot. At 10,000 steps daily, how long would it take to reach six million? The answer is a whopping 600 days!
Today I walked half an hour to a park, walked an hour there, and half an hour back. I did my housework, and I walked Ricki to her swim class and back. I walked and walked and walked. If I walked that same huge amount daily for 11 months, I would reach six million. All those 11 months of long walking equals the number of Jews killed in the holocaust. Suddenly the staggering enormity of the number hit me. Before, it was just a number, and one that I really did not comprehend.

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