Monday, May 3, 2010

Who Is Strong?

Our Sages ask: “Who is strong?” And they answer: “He who conquers his evil inclination.”
In today’s “feel-good” society, we don’t hear too much about conquering evil impulses. Instead, society feeds us with an expectation that we should run after lust, fame, and money… and food. Oh, they will talk about dieting, but “Jumbo size” , “king Size”, belies all that.
But our wise men say “No. You can be strong.”
So how do we become strong enough to fight our urge to overeat (or do anything else)? Just exactly the same way you become physically strong: by exercise. But rather than exercising with weights and barbells, we want to exercise our spiritual muscles. One “No” at a time.
So say “No” to your bad urges today, and be strong.


Batya said...

Great post. That really explains Judaism. All the structure, limits etc.

terry said...

Very inspiring. Just say no, what a concept. Thank you.

in the vanguard said...

Easier said than done.
One way to do it, I find, is to condition yourself and discipline yourself. How so?

There's the chart, for one thing.
Write down what you will eat, before you eat it. Then write down an item you did right thereafter.

Condition yourself to go to the fridge, look around, and close the door and walk away. Simple, you think. Perhaps, but do it a few times and it works wonders.

Another thing: Wait till your belly growls "I'm hungry", wait it out, and in a few minutes that feeling will have disappeared and you will have gained insight into the body's trying to fool you to eat when you don't need to.

Just some of my quick musings.
All - be well!