Friday, May 21, 2010

Down Syndrome and Deforestization

Lately I have generally been taking a surreptitious glance into Ricki’s school bag each night, in a clandestine effort to prevent “export” of any valuables from the house. (See HERE.) Last night, as I glanced into her bag, my initial reaction was “Thank G-d we don’t all have Down syndrome, or the world would be deforested in no time…..”
Inside, I had discovered two empty cereal cartons, each packed to the gunnels with reams of paper, scribbled friendship letters to her school friends. Further wastage of the world’s resources was the roll of scotch tape encircling them.
But then I thought--- on the other side, wouldn’t we all be better if we would let our friends know, as Ricki often does, just how much we care for them?

Maybe we DON’T need to have Down syndrome to do that.
So today, maybe call a friend to reconnect, to say “Hi”, to say “You are important to me”.

And please go easy on the paper. Bad enough that Ricki is deforesting……..


in the vanguard said...

Do I detect a down feeling to Ricki, or are you simply trying to be humorous.

As for her DOWN syndrome, here's what I have to say about that:

rickismom said...

I am trying to be humorous!

Batya said...

Time for Giving Thanks. You're tagged.