Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Down syndrome “Promotion”

Ricki’s foibles are much more interesting (in general) than her ordinary, more mundane, actions. HOWEVER, I feel that this fact sometimes gives a bit of a negative slant towards Down syndrome, so I thought I would balance the picture a bit today.
Last week, we had lots of company, all with babies in tow. One day Ricki’s sister visited, and Ricki relieved her sister of all baby-related tasks sans diapering. She fed the baby a bottle, burped him, and kept him entertained with smiles, coos, and gentle holding.
On the weekend, one of Ricki’s brothers came with his family, including several children. Ricki helped with getting out (and putting back) age-appropriate toys (she checked the “recommended age” panel on the boxes). After the meal, she completely cleared the table, piled up the chairs, and swept. That evening she helped with washing the dishes.
So there is more to Down syndrome than overindulgence in chocolate (see yesterday's post) and jewelry heists……


TUC said...

How sweet that must have been to see her taking care of the baby!

Anonymous said...

As a mother of teenagers, I know that what you describe is quite an accomplishment - well done! Your hard work has really paid off!