Friday, May 21, 2010

“Miss Cohen”

I have mentioned before that Ricki has, on occasion, used the name “Nita” instead of “Ricki”.
THAT was bad enough, but lately she has been insisting that her last name is “Cohen” (which it isn’t). She signs her schoolwork “Cohen” (her teacher asked me when we changed our name….), an has even scribbled her “name” on the wall in the hall. But today was the height of this new fallacy...
Today I received a wedding invitation, and being unable to attend, I wrote out a reply with a check enclosed. As I was about to mail the letter, I suddenly noticed that my name on the return address was no longer “Rickismom last name, but “Rickismom Cohen”.

They wouldn’t even known who had sent the check.

Guess who REALLY got a piece of my mind….

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