Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miss Independent and the Umbilical Cord (or Not?)

Whenever I go with Ricki to her exercise class, she wants to sit on the bus alone, and not with me. I understand that this is a need of hers, to feel independent. But if I start to dose off on the bus, she comes over to wake me up. And it’s not that she doesn’t know where to get off. She knows very well.
Then, when we alight, she streaks off as fast as she can, apparently also needing to walk alone. And yet, after she runs ahead about 20 strides, she will stop running, and continue at a more leisurely pace. But every once in a while, she glances back, looking to see where I am. At first I thought that “Miss Independent” needed reassurance of my presence, an “umbilical cord” of sorts. But last week I realized that in all probability, she is checking to see if I am catching up to her, necessitating an escalation of speed on her part…..

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