Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ricki’s First Independent Bus Ride- part 2

It was all set up for Ricki to be picked up by her music teacher after her regular afternoon activities by the new music teacher (rather than coming home in a group car), to study music, be escorted to the bus, and then ride the bus home alone. But then a wrench got thrown into the plan: the driver who was to take her to the regular afternoon program brought Ricki home by mistake. And there was NO way that I was going to walk her over in the pouring rain (especially since I had a cold). So I cancelled the music lesson. We agreed that if possible, she would do the whole plan on Tuesday.
On Tuesday morning, I told Ricki that she MIGHT have music, and if so, the teacher would pick her up. [A note here: it is possible that I did not make it clear that the teacher would pick her up from the afternoon program. I DID mention it, but since last year her music teacher picked her up from our house, I did not emphasis the change enough to register.]
Well, from the moment that Ricki arrived at her afternoon program, she told the staff that she has to “go to music”. And somehow, some way, she got out of the locked doors and ran away. And took the bus home, alone. She walked in the house almost crowing with happiness: “I rode the bus by myself!!!”
Yes, she certainly did.
I’m proud/angry/exasperated/ all at once, and have to say that I am not surprised one bit.....


Staying Afloat said...


Wow. Ummm....I... Wow.

Hashem should continue to help you with strength and patience. We're supposed to be an am kshei oref, right? Yeah, she's got that.

rickismom said...

Yeah, she certainly does!