Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A (Bad Mood) Conversation With Ricki

Ricki was in a bad mood the other night, due to my insistence that she carry out some responsibilities. This is a conversation we had.
Ricki: I’m sad.
Me : (silence)
R: I’m angry.
Me: That’s OK, you can be angry...
R: Oh common! REALLY! (eye roll)
M: I’m sorry, but I have to educate you.
R: Don’t speak to me.
The phone rings. I answer, speak a few minutes to one of my married sons, and hang up.
R: Who was that?
M: Your brother YL
What did he want?
M: I thought you didn’t want to speak with me.
R: NNUUUUU (Oh, really, come on......)

I had some trouble keeping a straight face there at the end......

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